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Medical Care After Cancer Treatment Ends

No one wants to hear the word “cancer” from the doctor. The good news is that cancer treatment has changed. It is better. Treatments are better at getting rid of the cancer. Some treatments have fewer side effects. The fact is that most adults treated for cancer will be long-term cancer survivors. Good news indeed.

Cancer survivors do need special medical care. The cancer may be out of the picture but other problems are still there. Health problems related to the cancer itself. Health problems related to the cancer treatment.

Levine Cancer Institute now has the Cancer Survivorship Medical Clinic to help patients who used to have cancer stay healthy. What does this clinic do?

  • Surveillance. We check you to make sure that your cancer has not returned. This starts with a doctor’s visit and exam. We make sure that you are getting any needed lab tests, x-rays, and other procedures.

  • Screening. People who have had one kind of cancer may be at risk for others. We make sure you are getting properly checked for other cancers.

  • Cancer genes. Some cancers happen because of cancer genes in the family. We look at you and your family’s cancer history to see if you need to have genetic testing.

  • We look for and get you help for any health problems that may have come from your cancer or cancer therapy.

  • We look at your life and make suggestions to help you stay healthy.

  • We help your family doctor and cancer team work together.

The Cancer Survivorship Medical Clinic

Levine Cancer Institute

The Center for Supportive Care and Survivorship

711 E. Morehead St

Charlotte, NC

You may call 980-442-2500 to schedule an appointment or ask your doctor to refer you.

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