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About Us

The North Carolina Cancer Alliance is dedicated to the prevention of cancer exposures in the fire service through education, support, and screening. Our goal is to help change the culture of the fire service so as to help reduce the cancer risks and address the dangers facing our firefighters here in North Carolina.

Our Mission

The North Carolina Firefighter Cancer Alliance is a non-profit organization that is focused on the needs of North Carolina Firefighters helping them to receive the support, education, and health screenings. Our services are open to all North Carolina Firefighters and their families - volunteer or career, active and retired. All donations and funds received go back to benefit our firefighters here at home. We are focused on keeping our mission simple and direct, and at keeping operating expenses to a minimum so that donations will have the maximum impact in this battle.

Our Services

We offer:
-Education Requests
-Cancer Survivor Support
-Family Support
-Department Screening Requests


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